Meet Allison


Allison Wells


A native Californian, Allison grew up in a health-conscious family. At a young age, she was interested in athletics and loved experimenting in the kitchen to make recipes healthier, but still tasty. She attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where she played collegiate level soccer, and received a BS in Broadcast TV Journalism. 

Inspired by a life of competitive athletics, and a passion for health, Allison started her own Wellness Business in 2006 as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and an AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant.  

Through her career in personal training, and five years working in a physical therapy clinic, Allison has developed an arsenal of exercise specializations and knowledge working with a variety of demographics. 

Her nutrition experience includes teaching nutrition classes to underprivileged teens struggling with obesity, consulting on infomercials for fitness products, and customizing meal plans and lifestyle strategies for individuals and groups, alike.  

Allison continues to expand her business onto a larger platform. She is marrying her passion for TV/Media Hosting and Health Coaching, to host live cooking events, health seminars, wellness videos, and blogs to bring education and clarity to the latest trends in health and wellness. 

My favorite thing about my work is the personal connections. Helping people to transform their bodies and their lifestyles, and building a community of support is both exciting and humbling.

What Clients Have to Say...

I was referred to Allison when I booked a role that required me to be a bare-chested were-wolf on camera. While shooting the pilot episode, they insisted on airbrushing on my 6-pack abs. I was determined to shoot the rest of the series with my true body, no makeup. I knew that I would need a change not only in my training style, but also with my eating habits.

Before meeting Allison, I ate like any other 18 year-old boy: anything I wanted, and the more convenient, the better. Allison helped me change that. She has been extremely helpful in teaching me how to regulate my eating. I never realized how much having to maintain a healthy diet would benefit me in so many ways, especially in fitness training.

Before she came along, I had no idea where to start when it came to managing my diet. I was lost when it came to counting calories, and knowing what foods to buy on a daily basis. She made it easy for me to understand and I will continue to use her methods every time I go out for a bite, or prepare my own meal at home. Now, I look and feel prepared for my job.

Thanks to Allison, I am no longer shopping at 7-11!
Allison Wells saved my life!

Having gained back all the weight I had lost through very strict dieting some years ago, I found myself barely fitting into my "fat guy" clothes and my "think guy" clothes were in the very back of the closet. A colleague referred me to Allison.

Now, the "fat guy" clothes have been donated to charity and I can wear my "thin guy" clothes again. Allison first advised me what equipment to buy for my home gym. The investment was quite reasonable because you can accomplish a lot with free weights, an exercise ball, a medicine ball, resistance bands and a jump rope.

Allison is a great teacher and motivator, she pushes you to your limits and constantly challenges you to excel, but in a supportive and positive way. She is very knowledgeable and has a great philosophy consistently mixing up the exercises to keep your brain guessing and your muscles growing. Allison always makes sure you use proper form and technique, so you get the most benefit from each exercise and do not get hurt. She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition issues, including the vegetarian diet.

I lost 17 net pounds and became much leaner and better toned. Since then, I have maintained my body weight while adding additional muscle mass. Just shy of 50, I am stronger and have better cardio fitness than ever.

Allison taught me how to work out properly and productively, motivated me to do six or seven days a week, and inspired me to actually enjoy it.
I'm 48 years old, a mother, and a full time lawyer. After the birth of my second child, (twelve years ago), I began training with Allison. I wanted a personal trainer to help me get my pre-baby body back. Allison not only helped me achieve that, but she also helped me develop a more physically fit, toned and stronger body.

Impressively, Allison understands an individual's particular body type, background, history of injury, and personal fitness goals. Within that framework, Allison develops and tailors a training program for each client.

Over the years Allison has successfully changed my workout to keep it challenging, fun, and motivating. I have noticed that her personalized style of training is one that is "modeled" by other trainers in the gym who look to her for new and innovative exercises.

Thanks to Allison my body is now healthier than my pre-baby body. I feel stronger, overall leaner and more toned.

If Allison's personalized training style didn't work, I would not still be training with her after over a decade. I'm truly excited to see what she has in store for me in the future!
Allison has been training with my husband and daughters for years and they all have raved about her and her services. Being faced with what I read was "inevitable" (diabetes), I reached out to Allison for nutritional guidance. For years, I had been diagnosed with insulin resistance and was just told by traditional doctors to "lose weight".  When my A1c went up recently to pre-diabetes, and I read about how it was inevitable that I would have diabetes, I reached out to Allison and she has been so helpful. She spends a significant amount of time consulting with you in a compassionate and educational way. One doesn't feel rushed with Allison. She makes herself available for questions and support and goes above and beyond. Allison is flexible and will provide you with an individualized plan to meet your needs. Allison provided me with meal plans, new knowledge about food and nutrition, hope, good resources and incredible support. I am pleased to say that within four months, my A1c and cholesterol are now within normal limits. I thank Allison for her role in my journey towards good health. She is awesome!
When you are a part of someone’s life for that long, they become your family. It’s an honor to be brought into people’s homes and lives and to be trusted with their health.