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Allison’s Philosophy on Health Coaching


As a health and wellness coach, Allison believes there is no magic bullet, nor is there one program that works for everyone. She recognizes that we are all starting from a different place, and it’s important to set goals that are realistic for each individual.  

Through the combination of her personal training and nutrition expertise, and her growing interest in mindfulness studies, Allison offers a holistic wellness experience that can be tailored to every client’s specific needs.  

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Nutrition Philosophy

Food is life. Food is necessary for everyday function, as well as to be enjoyed in celebration. Allison believes that nutrition is not about deprivation or punishment, it is about understanding what each specific body needs to feel its best. What we look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what we put into our bodies. Every day we make decisions about what to eat and how to treat ourselves. Food is our body's natural fuel, and we determine how efficiently we will run. 

Each body has a different equation to allow it to function at its highest level.  Allison customizes nutrition programs for each client’s particular lifestyle, to encourage success. She teaches tricks to promote disciplines, and offers cooking tips for healthy and delicious meal options.

Food should work with your body, not against it. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is necessary to amplify your fitness results, and the overall functioning of your body and mind.
Starting from scratch. Explaining macronutrient, nutrition facts, metabolism, and how eating habits affect your life.
Small changes create big results. You know what it means to eat clean, but need help fitting it into your lifestyle.
Changing your pattern. Tips and tools to redirect emotionally triggered detrimental habits into productive ones.
What, when, how much to eat. Meal plans tailored to your specific dietary restrictions, health goals, and lifestyle.
Get cooking! Simple, healthy, delicious meals that satisfy even the pickiest eater.



Fitness Philosophy

When you're short on time but you want to break a sweat, follow this routine.

Exercise not only changes how we look on the outside, it also makes us more aware of our energy levels, and how we move our bodies throughout the day. Allison's philosophy on fitness uses functional core training to help her clients become more conscious of how they are using their bodies in everyday life. She encourages them to push just past where they think they can go, to achieve a deeper understanding of what their bodies are capable of. Every training session is a stepping-stone towards a stronger, more balanced, pain-free body. 

Allison's training style emphasizes core stabilization integrated with basic strengthening and power techniques to help with everyday movements, while also improving flexibility and balance. 

Allison is specialized in injury rehabilitation exercise, pregnant and postpartum women, as well as and youth exercise . She keeps her sessions exciting and intense through varying circuits and plyometric exercises. Her training methods help prevent and rehabilitate injury by focusing on form and posture

Exercise SpeciAlizations

Functional Core Training
Injury Rehabilitation
Strength & Flexibility Training
Prenatal & Postpartum Training
Youth Exercise Specialist

Exercise is about connecting to our bodies and appreciating the impact our physical health has on our mental health and every other aspect of our lives.



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